LCP DnD is an actual play & audio drama podcast. We record table top roleplaying games that are immersive and improvised, with sound effects and music, using such systems as Dungeons and Dragons, and Savage Worlds.

We also produce scripted audio drama stories, which are even more immersive and cinematic.

Our shows


Odyssey is an actual play musical adventure, set in space, using the Savage Worlds tabletop RPG system. In this story, 3 unlikely humans left Earth and formed a band that became one of the most influential bands ever. After a strong run, however, the band fell apart and the members went their own directions. This story picks up, 20 years later, as they are reunited under unexpected circumstances, and have to work together to survive.

The Night Cleaner’s Tales

The most cinematic and immersive show we offer. The Night Cleaner’s Tales is a scripted audio drama anthology series, with short stories that feature Foley sound effects and original music. (Trailer coming soon)

Fillmore’s Crossing

Fillmore’s Crossing is a D&D 5th Edition homebrew that takes place in the fantasy wild west. The story follows two big city agents who meet up with a half-orc guide, and together, the trio head out to the small mining town of Fillmore’s Crossing, to investigate reports of strange and violent incidents afflicting the residents. Season one is completely finished and available now for your listening enjoyment!


Other Stories

The Hoser of Lake Nipissing

This is a 3 part Savage Worlds adventure that follows some brand new ghost exterminators, as they accept their first mission at a retreat destination in Canada, where they’ve heard reports of a haunting.

Towel Service At The Stepniac Manor

A 2 part D&D story about some folks who get stranded in the woods, and come across a mansion. Going inside, to take shelter from the storm, they find there’s something strange about the place.

2018 Christmas Special

A D&D one-shot story. While wandering in the woods, some adventurers encounter a portal. Stepping through, they find themselves in a truly bizarre world!


Where to listen

The podcast can be found on podcast services everywhere. Visit the Listen page for more information.

What else?

Beyond the podcast, we also play (and often livestream) D&D games with friends in our community.

How to support us

If you would like to support the show, you can also head over to the Contribute page, to see the various ways you can help.