Where To Start Listening

There is currently a lot of content on the LCP DnD podcast and it’s not uncommon for listeners to feel uncertain of where to start. Here are some options for you.

Fillmore’s Crossing

Our first arc ever, Fillmore’s Crossing, is a fantasy western adventure using the D&D 5e system. It seems to be generally regarded, by fans, as having the most memorable and colorful characters. Its story is a compelling mystery, with elements of horror sprinkled throughout. The downside might be that, although it does have original music, the production value isn’t quite as high as our current content. There were a couple episodes that had microphone troubles, and our immersive sound effects weren’t introduced until the latter half of the arc. Nevertheless, Fillmore’s Crossing stands strong as a favorite among many of our fans. You’re welcome to start at the Prologue, or you can start at Episode 1 and listen to the Prologue later. It’s up to you.

Fillmore's Crossing
A Fantasy Western D&D Adventure


If you’re interested in a unique story with a mixture of both space and music nerdiness, Odyssey will take you for a helluva journey. It has some of our highest level of production to date, with an abundance of original music and songs, and immersive sound effects. Odyssey rides the line between Actual Play and Audio Drama adventure. Its original premise makes it a little difficult to describe, so the best advice if you decide to start our podcast here, is to just sit back, clear your mind of any expectations going in, and let the adventure wash over you.

A Unique Blend of Space and Music


If you’re interested in test-driving our podcast without committing to a looong adventure, our one-shots may be just the place to start. Some good introductory ones, to give you an idea of our style and quality, would be:

Ghost Exterminator Trilogy

The 3-episode long ghost exterminators story: The Hoser of Lake Nipissing. This trilogy is like a mini-arc and tells the story of 3 rookie ghost exterminators who take their first job up north, at a resort in Canada.

An Episode of Drunken Chaos

If you’re looking for drunken chaos, we had a blast recording our 2020 Halloween one-shot: Monster Plane. It’s completely silly and goes off the rails, while giving you a good feel for our humor and production level.

A fast-paced, fun, heist adventure.

And lastly, if you’d like a more accessible little adventure, that’s fast-paced and fun, look no further than: The Unusable Suspects. Our 2020 Christmas one-shot is a simple heist, with colorful characters and abundant hijinks. It’s highly produced and an easy way for new listeners to check us out.