20 Sided Die Hard

The Muscles Always Glisten …

30 years after winning The Big Gameā„¢, the Farport Patriots’ reunion is interrupted by an unwelcome intrusion. Now, it’s up to two men, to save the plaza and the hostages inside.


Two strangers unexpectedly meet up at the Farport Airship Terminal, during a baggage mix-up. Sorting out their bags, they learn that they’re both headed to the reunion of the Farport Patriots, at the Nakatomi Plaza. They decide to carpool, but soon begin noticing strange things going on after they arrive.

Although this adventure does take place in the Fillmore’s Crossing universe, and has some of the background characters from that arc, you definitely don’t need to listen to Fillmore’s Crossing in order to understand and enjoy this story. It stands on its own.

This was our two-part 2019 Christmas Adventure. Often times we invite a guest to play with us for these one-shots, but this time, we decided to go it alone. Tim GMs, while Chris and Brian play the muscle-bound heroes. 

Here are the two episodes