Fillmore’s Crossing

A Fantasy Western D&D Adventure

A small mining town is plagued by strange and violent murders.

Fillmore’s Crossing Trailer


Fillmore’s Crossing is a D&D 5th Edition homebrew that takes place in the fantasy wild west. The story follows two big city agents who meet up with a half-orc guide, and together, the trio head out to the small mining town of Fillmore’s Crossing, to investigate reports of strange and violent incidents afflicting the residents. Season one is completely finished and available now for your listening enjoyment!


Thom, Faulk, and Igmut

Set in a late 19th century fantasy wild west world, the prologue of this story begins in the large city of Farport. A city divided by race, religion, and class. Most of the fae races of Farport have been forced to live in a designated zone, known as the Confinement, to keep them away from humans. All laws and violations pertaining to fae are enforced by the Fae-touched Investigative Agency (FIA).

West, outside of Farport, towards the Deadlands, there were reports of strange occurrences at a small mining town called Fillmore’s Crossing. People were said to be going insane, tearing their fellow citizens limb-from-limb. Two agents, Faulk Smulder and Thom DeWeese, were sent to investigate. Unfamiliar with the treacherous wilds of the far West, they were assigned to meet a guide along the way. A large half-orc male named Igmut Yahzee.

Together, the three set out to investigate the mysteries surrounding Fillmore’s Crossing, and soon realize, they may be in over their heads.

Faulk Smulder

Intelligent. Determined. Haunted.

Faulk grew up in Farport, on Tillapohannonmassipahtuckett Ave. In his younger years, he had a tragic encounter with (what he claims was) a dragon, which resulted in the disappearance of his sister. The event plunged Faulk into an obsessive quest to learn as much about the mythical monsters as he possibly could, in hopes that he might one day track down the dragon that caused her disappearance.

The event also lead to his first meeting with Captain Goran, one of the higher ups at the FIA. Faulk soon went to the academy and became an official FIA agent. After serving for a time, Faulk’s first partner at the agency was killed during a mission, and Faulk ended up becoming partners with Thom.

Thomas DeWeese

Spiritual. Awkward. Convicted.

Thom grew up in a strict and religious orphanage, indoctrinated into the Church of Ernie Christ. Through his teenage years, he found himself torn between a devotion to his faith and a desire for his first love, a girl of questionable morals. The relationship became increasingly problematic when he learned she suffered from what appeared to be a demon possession, which escalated to a nightmarish scene during one of her fits. Thom was forced to perform an exorcism upon her. It proved to be more than he could handle, and the girl was killed.

Thom’s grief and guilt drove him deeper into his spiritual vocation, and he became a knowledgeable and powerful priest in the church of Ernie. Despite (or because of) his devotion, he eventually became at odds with the church and the self-serving way it operated. He left to join the FIA, where he became lawfully devoted to combating the “evils” of the “ungodly” fae. Later on, his career at the FIA lead to him partnering up with Faulk Smulder.

Igmut Yazee

Polite. Angry. Outcast.

Igmut was brought into the world, illegitimately, through a human woman who was forced upon by an orc. Igmut was raised by his orc uncle Diabeetuz, never fully fitting in with the humans or the orcs. He spent most of his adult life as a wanderer, taking any jobs he could, whether it be manual labor or mercenary work.

One of the key moments in Igmut’s history was during a card game in Kensington, when bandits barged in and held the entire saloon hostage. The encounter ended with the saloon in flames and innocent lives lost. Igmut learned the leaders of the bandits were two notorious men known as Joe Moore and Marc Boggio. The two bandits became marked names in Igmut’s book and he made it a personal quest to see them brought to justice.

Shortly thereafter, he was hired by the FIA, to escort two city-slicker agents across the wilds, to Fillmore’s Crossing, and that is how he became entangled in the adventure with Faulk and Thom.

Alavari Televana

Confident. Independent. Seductive.

Alavari was raised in a brothel/saloon, by her mother, but eventually left to find her own way in the world. As an attractive tiefling and a bard, she is well-versed in playing both, instruments and the hearts of men.

Alavari has spent a surprising amount of time wandering and living out in the Deadlands. A feat which very few have done and lived to tell the tale.

Her first encounter with the trio of investigators was on her way back through Fillmore’s Crossing, where they all crossed paths and she decided to accompany them on their adventure.

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