New Horizons

When The World Goes Dark …

Four stranded travelers meet some strange people living off the grid.

New Horizons Trailer


March 17, 1998. St Patick’s Day.
Four travelers have their road trip cut short when their vehicle mysteriously dies. After spending a cold night in the woods, they begin hiking across the wilderness, hoping to find a town. Instead, they find something quite different.

In this one-shot adventure, using the Savage Worlds RPG system, we were joined by our special guest, Andrew.

Andrew, who is both a friend and a Patreon supporter of LCP, was able to select the era and genre of this story, and we rolled to see who would GM the game. The fates chose Tim.

It’s a thrilling little adventure and it’s easily consumable at only 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

Here is the full episode