A sci-Fi musical adventure

The Aldrins — A band that influenced entire galaxies.

Odyssey Trailer


Odyssey is an actual play adventure, set in space, using the Savage Worlds tabletop RPG system. In this story, 3 unlikely humans left Earth, during a mysterious attack on Florida, in 1984. Adapting to their new life in space, they formed a band that became one of the most influential bands in history. After a strong run, however, the band had a falling out, and the members went their own directions. This story picks up, 20 years later, as they are reunited under unexpected circumstances, and have to work together to survive.

The Aldrins

Charlotte, Alison, and James

Three Earthlings, having met for the first time at a Battle of the Bands, were thrown into chaos after a mysterious attack, which forced them to steal the Space Shuttle Challenger and leave Earth. Once in space, they learned about the existence of many different “alien” species living in and around the Great Attractor. The trio, having music as their only commonality, decided to form a band: The Aldrins. They found a manager, Brantley Swindon, and their success quickly became a thing of legend. The influences they brought from 1980’s Earth, swept throughout the Great Attractor, impacting things such as music, fashion, and technology, just to name a few. Various species in the Great Attractor even began modifying their bodies and DNA to physically emulate the three band members, taking on similar features and body types.

Sadly, as is the way with many great bands, their immense success also lead to their catastrophic downfall. Disputes about living conditions, creative control, song-writing, genres, and direction, eventually caused the band to have a falling out, and the members went their own separate ways.

Charlotte Greenman

Free-thinking. Rebellious. Aggressive.

Charlotte (aka Charlie) doesn’t take shit from anyone. Back on Earth, she joined The United States Air Force, and in her free time, was a leading member of a dark wave band called Blue HateLove. Unfortunately, Charlie was in an accident that severed her vocal chords, but her voice was later restored, once the members left Earth.

Eventually, when she helped form The Aldrins, she contributed bass/guitar riffs, as well as on-stage mixing, and occasional vocals.

Once The Aldrins was disband, Charlie formed a new band, called Charlie and the Confectionaries, but the new band didn’t receive the levels of success that her prior one had.

Alison Tailor

Independent. Maternal. Animal-Lover(ish).

Alison (aka Switzerland, as Charlie likes to call her) grew up on her parents’ farmhouse, in Florida, which may explain her eventual career as a caretaker of animals.

Once the members blasted off into space, Alison became the keyboardist in The Aldrins, exhibiting impressive adaptability to all the various genres the band experimented with, over the course of their career.

Once the band had its falling out, Alison left the music scene and spent her days caring for and teaching others about animals, both domestic and exotic. Alison is married to her husband, Theodore, but due to the nature of her occupation and the vastness of space, their relationship is mostly long-distance. Looooong-distance.

James Lamb

Insecure. Immature. Mama’s Boy.

James Lamb (aka Busta Cap) grew up in the Bronx, with his mother, after his father left them when the boy was 9 years old. The divorce had a heavily negative impact on James, who blamed himself for the separation, and it eventually tarnished the relationship he had with his mother. Eventually, with a growing determination to make her proud, James formed a hip-hop group with some friends at a corner store, and they became known as Rhyme Crymez.

After leaving Earth, James became the lead vocalist for The Aldrins. Unfortunately, he was also one of the primary reasons for the band’s eventual break-up, as he demanded more and more attention and creative control.

After the break-up, James re-formed his old hip-hop group, Rhyme Crymez, with new members. The group was produced by a new manager, Moe Jeek of P.Nicity Records. They achieved a large amount of promotion and radio play, but it was not enough to be considered successful by his prior band’s standards.

As a side-note, James has had a couple augmentations done to his body after leaving Earth. The first being that his skin was dyed blue everywhere except for his face, where it forms into a sort of speckled facial-hair pattern. The second was having hearing devices attached over his ears, which can be used to detect certain materials, hear long distances, and more importantly, he can connect remotely to sound systems for both headphones and miking.