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Long Arcs

Here are our long form shows

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A unique and epic space adventure filled with original songs and music

Fillmore's Crossing

Fillmore’s Crossing

A fantasy western themed mystery, with elements of horror

The Night Cleaner's Tales

The Night Cleaner’s Tales

An audio drama anthology series

Short Arcs & One-Shots

Here are our trilogies, 2-parters, and single episode stories

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The Unusable Suspects

A single episode, fast-paced, heist adventure

Monster Plane

A chaotic and drunken episode that quickly goes off the rails

New Horizons

A thrilling and mysterious episode about strangers who get stranded on the road

The Hoser of Lake Nipissing

A trilogy about some rookie ghost exterminators who investigate a haunting in Canada

Towel Service at the Stepniac Manor

A 2-episode story about some travelers who seek shelter in an old mansion

2018 Christmas Special

A 3-hour episode about some travelers who step through a portal into another world

20 Sided Die Hard

A 2-episode Die Hard parody that takes place in the city of Farport