The Night Cleaner’s Tales

A Scripted Audio Drama Anthology

Cleaning up blood and incinerating body parts is hard work. What better way to pass the time than telling stories?


Congratulations! You’ve just landed a job at a mysterious and high-security facility, and you probably have a lot of questions. Fortunately for you, there’s already a night cleaner there with a lot of experience and he will be able to show you the ropes. It’s pretty straight forward. Things get messy and unsanitary down in the morgue, after the bodies have been dissected, and you will have to clean the place up every night. It’s dreary work, but your new co-worker has plenty of stories to pass the time. And he is all too eager to share them with you.

The full first season is available now!

The Night Cleaner’s Tales episodes are available on our official LCP DnD podcast feed, but they can also be streamed separately from our RPG content, on their own feed, which is hosted at This is useful for binge listening and also if you would like to recommend it to friends who may enjoy audio dramas but not be so much into our RPG content.